What It Means To Be A Designer

The feeling when you’re finally falling into place (and still wondering whether this moment of clarity was truly aided by Han Zimmer’s Inception Soundtrack).

I have been designing experiences and crafting front-ends for exactly 2 years now (I only know this because It says so on my LinkedIn profile). Now before I get into the big why factors lets journey back to when I first got drafted into Dribbble.

I started out in the wild posting pre invite shots which were all typical redesigned interfaces. Weathers apps, social media web apps, widgets, and you guessed it..more apps apps (Which were misaligned, impractical, and totally not usable). After a few months of floating around the community I started getting some recognition for putting out “quality work”, which was flat, pixel perfect, and ultra extra expresso shot 5000 trendy but still had no means of ever being used by real people.

The first moments of clarity hit me when I was speaking to a fellow designer about Dribbble and how the volume of shots I was posting per month were decreasing faster than the stocks in Waterloo. I was starting to focus more on small details, the experience, and overall problem solving. I began looking at popular shots and aggressively questioning them and even looking back at some of my recent “work” and questioning myself. After that realization I stopped posting to Dribbble and got serious about my career.

To me being a designer is a HUGE responsibility. We are responsible for processing information, discovering pain points, coming up with multiple solutions, creating or modifying the experiences, quickly iterating and overall solving the problems of the users. I had to learn that’s It’s not about being trendy or doing what I think is right. If you aren’t making an impact on people’s lives then what are you doing with yours?