What It Means To Be A Designer Pt.2

As I continue down my path as a designer I fail, benchmark, grow, try new things and continue to push my internal envelope. As my track record, capabilities and thought process mature I love to share my experiences and findings no matter how obvious or elementary they are they can help someone.


Curiosity is one of the core reasons I’ve had the opportunity to participate and give back to many causes. I was always curious about how things functioned from musical pieces to BMX bike tricks, people, the environment economics, video games and my current passion for design. When It comes to design no one is going to deliberately give you answers. Your curiosity should drive you to ask questions and a portion of our job can be made easier when we ask the right questions.

Asking Questions (The Right Ones)

There have been multiple times in my design career where I was left frustrated because I wasn’t getting the right answers. The root of the problem was asking the right questions. Don’t ask “what do you think?”, ask if this solution accurately solves the problem. Not only does it solve the problem, but is it the best solution after we’ve exhausted all of our options. When the dust settles will it do as little disruption as possible to the good that was there previously.


In my continuous journey of becoming the designer I aspire to be I realize that the same energy you always leave inspired with should be put into action. What good is learning and digesting great things in the world if you don’t do something to give back to the cause. The problem I ran into earlier in my career was the paralysis of making sure a situation is perfect before making a move. One step forward definitely holds more progressive weight than no steps anywhere. This year has been an interesting journey in terms of thought process and growth. Not only am I focusing on the right things but It’s also time to act upon my thoughts and learnings. That one thing that wasn’t said in the last meeting because of inaction could’ve changed things. Whether the change yielded positive or negative results we will never know.


As a designer I have a huge responsibility for what I release into the wild. One of my favorite talks aligning with my previous statement is Mike Monteiro’s “How Designers Destroyed the World”. Not only am I an advocate for my companies user base but I’m also responsible for what I let through the gates into the universe whether they are bad or good. The decisions I make can unknowingly touch millions of people directly or via domino effect.


Growth is addicting and lack of is discouraging. Ever half-year I do a progress check to make sure I’m on the right path and that I have my compass turned in the right direction. There’s nothing worse than internal complacency that directly affects external perception and efforts. As I continue to grow I hope that I can remember to share my knowledge to the amazing people after me just as those before me did.